Hands on postural re-alignment for pain relief and better function

To understand the difference in care offered at Martin & Coupe Chiropractic it is first necessary to define what would be considered Traditional Chiropractic.

Traditional Chiropractic is predominately about:
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Decreasing muscular spasm
  • Reducing pain
This is what most chiropractors offer and they often do a great job at achieving this.
Unlike traditional chiropractic, at Martin & Coupe Chiropractic we focus on structural / postural correction. Specifically, we utilise a structural corrective technique called Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™. ABC™ is a ‘manual’ or ‘hands-on’ style of chiropractic. Its protocol involves meningeal stretches and spinal, pelvis, hip, knee, feet and rib adjustments. Often an audible release is heard when stretches and adjustments are performed with most people enjoying the process. People are often surprised at the noticeable change in their body that can occur from their first ABC™ adjustment.
Our objective is to correct or improve Anterior Vertebrae Syndrome (AVS). AVS is the term we use to describe the layers of structural shifts that can build up in a body, often observed as slumped, slouched, stooped or twisted posture. AVS is a result of a series of misalignments and compensations throughout your body.
Many other professions and even other chiropractic techniques use terms to describe conditions of posture or structure that commonly form part of the AVS spectrum. These include Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome, Sway-back posture, Military Spine, Dowagers Hump and many more.
By focussing on improving structure we are addressing the cause of what are referred to as ‘secondary conditions’ – symptoms created by a primary structural issue. Follow this link for more articles about Advanced Bio-Structural Correction™ 

Secondary conditions commonly related to Anterior Vertebrae Syndrome:

Arm pain
Breathing Problems
Decreased Motion
Disc Herniations
Mid Back Pain
Muscle Tension
Rotator Cuff Issues
Strength Issues
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Degenerated Joints
Dizziness (vertigo)
Hip Pain
Muscular Imbalance
Pinched Nerve
Shoulder Pain
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Bone Spurs
Chest Pain
Digestive Disorders
Dowager’s Hump
Golfer’s / Tennis Elbow
Low Back Pain
Muscle Spasm
Neck Pain
Poor Posture
Sinus Conditions