Chiropractor - Blackburn

BChiroSc, MChiro.


Ben was first exposed to Chiropractic whilst studying Science at Macquarie University in Sydney. A few visits to the chiropractor resolved his persistent low back pain and after his first lecture on chiropractic he knew he was in the right place.

After graduating his Masters in Chiropractic in 2005 he and his partner Samantha (whom he met at uni) moved to Scotland to work in one of the largest chiropractic groups in Europe. After a few years of working in the UK, he discovered chiropractic could be powerful but was also inconsistent. Thus he spent his time searching for a way to achieve more consistent and predictable results. It was then that he was exposed to Advanced BioStructural Correction™. Impressed immediately with its logical understanding on the body and its rapid postural and symptomatic improvements, Ben dedicated himself to perfecting this technique.

Within a few years he found himself as one of the highest qualified ABC™ practitioners in the world. In that time Ben (along with Samantha Coupe and Richard Martin) helped develop Scotland into one of the worlds leading training grounds of ABC™ chiropractic.

Ben’s passion for ABC™ developed and in 2010 he became one of the first ABC™ instructors worldwide. He is also a founding member of Advanced BioStructural Correction Australasia. He now teaches regularly over Australasia and enjoy’s highlighting the possibilities of ABC™ to his fellow chiropractors.

Ben loves seeing a variety of people in his practice, from CrossFitters (from his local CrossFit Blackburn) who are performance driven, to people who are simply looking for a long term solution to their health and body problems. Ultimately he sees his role as assisting people in achieving what ever health goals they have.

Outside of work Ben has a passion for CrossFit and nutrition. He loves travel, movies, music, good food and spending time with his young family.